I was reading a magazine article on guitars, and it had a bunch of interviews with like, really famous guys. They were all saying how they needed to study the basiscs and blues to stay good. I started 6 mopnths ago, and I'm wondering "Shoulod I go back to studying before taking on certain songs?" Please respond.
I think going back to the basics and checking your technique and whatnot are tight is a good thing to do every once in a while, because I found that after 6 months when I went back and had a look at how I was carrying out certain techniques, or hell even some chord changes they were hugely ineffective and awkward as hell, which meant unlearning some of my older stuff and replacing it.
So before approaching a certain song I'd say check out the techniques which are involved and ensuring you've got them down. That way you'll be better prepared for the song.
Going back to basics means that you check if what you're doing right now is right, ot not.

For example, you need to check if your right+left hand positioning is correct or not. Take a look here and here, for starters.
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Thanks. I was asking this, cause I had played classical and jazz music on acoustic, and then switched to rock stuff on an electric, so I was just wondering. My guitar teacher said we're going to work on stuff like that.
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Your guitar teacher will start you off on simple songs and hopefully add some music theory into the lessons. Learning to play the blues is a good way to get started learning about intervals, scales and music theory.