Hey I was lookin at buying th Ibanez RG2550E. I play mostly Steve Vai kinda stuff but I do enjoy getting into Metalish stuff such as alice in chains and so on. Another guitar I had in mind was the Ibanez RG350ex......which one would you say would be the best bang for the buck?...and would these guitars be able to please me in the needs of Vai?(don't have the cash for his signature model)....get back to me asap
dude the rg2550 is miles better than the rg350 by far
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With the 2550EX, have a pickup swap and you'll get exactly something like Vai.
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Thats what she said...
the differences between the two are crazy.
Prestige (comes with case)
Prestige Neck
Edge Pro Trem
overall much better quality
better pickups than the 350 (some people say, but wont get you Vai)

Edge Pro II or III (both not good)
different neck
pickups worse than 2550E
no free case
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