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I have seen one blink-182 cover contest that didn't go good at all, probably because the person running it wasn't very organized. I don't promise this will go down perfectly but I do promise to stay on top of this to get this done. There will be 8 entries including my band.

-Vocals (why do a blink-182 song without vocals?)
-Guitar/Bass (no backing tracks!)
-Drums are encouraged (not required, backing tracks are allowed)

One song per person! You will have two weeks to finish the song or you are going to get replaced, I am holding myself to this also.

Please do not post your covers here, send me a link to them through PM, please use this thread for sign up and discussion only.

Song List:
1. Macbethstx: Dammit
2. ygokazuki: Going Away to College:
3. ovdojoe: Stay Together for the Kids
4. Scarlatti: Adam's Song
5. JaimieB: All the Small
6. GuitarGuy: Please Take Me Home:
7. soundcheck1: Carousel
8. elementwood89: Mutt:


1. myself101
2. siftings
3. zer0monkey
4. christianbassis

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can i judge?

i dont have anything to record with but im a blink fan
"There are millions of people in the world, and none of those people are an extra. They're all leads in their own stories."
uh, you wont need 11 judges

just about 4-5 is enough
"There are millions of people in the world, and none of those people are an extra. They're all leads in their own stories."
I'll judge, the problem with the entries will be that it must include vocals, I know noone who can sing blink 182-style..
Just sing like your normally do, just do it on pitch. Mark has a very generic voice, it's Tom's voice that might be difficult if you are trying to imitate it... If that's the problem just sing a song that Mark sings.
Quote by Macbethstx
That's fine, I could even do the singing if you'd want.

That would be so great!
I'm not really a Blink fan, but it's half term and I'll need something to do.

I'll take What's My Age Again

Actually, I might do Small Things.

Damnit, erm, just leave me out whilst I decide which one to do
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Quote by Scarlatti
That would be so great!

Okay, just send me the MP3 of your instruments when you're done and I will put in the vocals.

JaimeB make up your mind! We need more entries.
Dammit I finished it till I realized it was in the wrong key and I missed a verse. >.>
Will do over this Friday.
Okay, I'll take All The Small Things.
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Quote by Macbethstx
Ok ygokazuki, and JaimeB i'm putting your name down now.
Ok I'm retarded. >.>
Can you update the 1st post with links to the entries of those who've posted theirs?
If you haven't seen mine just look at my prev post.
heres a couple my band did back at our first concert in january:

quality isnt very good though.

All The Small Things:

First Date:

Stay Together For The Kids:

Please Take Me Home:

What else do I need to do to enter?
ill judge
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Quote by Macbethstx
GuitarGuy, choose the one you want to enter. Also, didn't you do Not Now? That's by blink-182 also.

yea i forgot to put in not now,

i think please take me home was the best one so ill enter that one
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