Are there any excercizes you guys do to get better at changing chords i just started and its really hard for me. Thanks
Hm. I can't really give you an exercise, but I can offer up a little trick thats only a couple of steps to get you better at chord changes you are working on.

You kind of do it like this
1. Become Familiar With Both Chords
- know them off by heart
- this way only your hands are working not your head

2.Start Finger By Finger
- Strum the first chord
- Then change to the second chord...using only 1 finger in that chord
- Add in fingers as you get more comfortable

3. Build Rhythm
- Do one strum per bar when changing
- Then 2
- then 3 etc
- do that till you can play it in the songs rhythm

Hope that helps, it's a little condensed but the idea is there.
Learn Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix. The chords you switch between starts in these orders: C, G, D, A, E, C again ---> repeat cycle. These are all major chords.