I currently own a fender Mexican P Bass but want to upgrade to an american made one. Ive tried musicman, rickenbacker and some of the expensive Ibanez's but my favourite for tone and sheer looks is the fender P bass. I was just wondering if anyone thinks the American standard P bass is worth that bit more money that the highway one. I noticed the difference in tone quite a bit but is it structally and electronically that different
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switch out the Pup, buy some pickup covers and a new pickguard....save yourself a couple hundred bucks.....
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The way the Highway One basses cost less is pretty much because of the thin satin finish. That satin finish is really really fragile (and looks like hell IMO) but apparently sounds good. Highway One's have the new Greasebucket circuit (I think) which allows you to roll of treble without adding bass... but I think that's what you want, isn't it?

Amercian Standards are bulletproof cosmetically and structurally, whereas the Highway Ones are bulletproof structurally.
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