i will admit i know very little about guitars and i only made this account for one question... it is my sons birthday soon and i was planning on buying him a stratocaster for his birthday becuase of his skill at playing.. when i went to the store i saw the one he had been looking at before and asked the clerk to look at it and i saw something weird about the bridge.. it seemed that the bottom part was sticking out of the guitar like it needed to be pushed back down into the body., is this abnormal?
It may just be that the action of the bridge is high.

Ask the clerk if it's a problem, and find out some more information so you can describe the problem a bit more specifically.
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well its almost like if i push down on it, it goes back into the body and if i pull on it it goes up more and when you do that when playing notes it sounds as if a whammy bar is being used
It's just got a floating bridge. That's normal on Stratocasters.
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thank you.. i would ask my son becuase im positive hed know but why spoil a thousand dollar surprise haha
his guitar is stuffed you should buy him 2 signed guitars from AC DC then he will love you more than anyone else
Make sure you get a proper setup before leaving the store
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