Got myself a 5 string set of the Good El's.

Few q's for the regz up in here

Okay maybe just one run-on, all-encompassing "Mangablade" style question.

What are some things i should do between taking off my old strings and putting on new ones? I know some, but im getting a feeling that i've forgetting a few things i could do.
I know to wipe down all the crevices, Graphite the nut/bridge, etc, but what else? i forget what could be done with lemon juice ?
you can clean the fingerboard with lemon oil but wipe it down throughly after you have applied it otherwise it will look like shit
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well you could just go buy some fretboard condtioner, doesnt really matter. just dont use the orange oil shit
Gear: 08 Fender MIA Jazz bass,
American Peavey Millenium Plus 4,
GK 1001RBII,
Mesa/Boogie RR215,
Schecter C-1 Classic.
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lemon OIL? i dont have that It's there something i could use as a substitute?

Lemon oil has nothing to do with lemons, btw. it just has a lemon scent to it for some reason. I use "dr stringfellow fretboard conditioner" every time I change strings, I wipe down the fretboard with it, to keep it in good shape.

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Elixirs!! WOOT!! how much were they? (lol, does your wallet feel lighter?)

I would just clean the whole bass in general. Other than fretboard conditioning, just clean all the dust off between PUs and bridge, clean the nut, shine the frets... you know the drill.

make sure to wipe the water or whatever you clean the bass with... especially if you have a natural finish
^ agreed, when i change strings i give my whole bass a big clean. Also, not really to do with cleaning the bass but i always keep my old strings, boil them and put them in my case so if i ever break a string i have some spares and its cheaper than buying a spare set.
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Manga, let me know what you think of the Elixirs? I swear by them, i dont care about the price... to me they are worth it!!
i've heard both yes and no from experienced players. One says that the sudden release of tension is not good for the neck, and the other say "it makes no difference mate".

So meh, go figure...
If you do them all gradually, no difference. If you have em 3/4 strings off, last one still tuned, thers a bit of a problem.

Just do full turns on each tuner until theyre all gradually low.

Well im putting them on tonight probably.. Ill tell u what happens
Ive gone thru 2-3 packs of Reg Slinkies

Just got them on an hour ago ( the el's)

Feel and sound great I really do hope they last