Poll: Guitar Hero 1 or Guitar 2?
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4 21%
15 79%
Voters: 19.
Which one do you like better. All my friends like one but I think two is my favorite.
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Good question I go with 2 because it's always fun to play drunk against people. It's kinda funny people who play guitar are always better then people who dont when they're drunk.

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Guitar Hero 1 was good because it had a lot of classics on it. But I think the 2nd one had an overall better songlist, mostly because it had a lot harder/better songs, plus a few of my favorite bands.
1 is more fun alone, but 2 is way more fun with 2 people. it's also nice to play 2 because the game mechanics work better (hammer ons, pull offs, etc). either way, both are awesome.
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I just got 2 yesterday and love it. i havent played one though, so i went with 2.
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Guitar Hero 2 had Nirvana...

1 all the way! You can't beat Boston and Edgar Winter.
I beat both and I can say that I enjoyed...well, both equally.

The first had an insanley great list of songs; texas flood, BATM, CBFH, etc. But it was hard to get down the PH's and HO's.

The second also had a great list; Free Bird, Hangar 18, I'm gonna rock you tonight (THEY GO TO 11 LULZ), and YYZ. This one, it was much easier to do the PH's and HO's and it also has the co-operative play and all.

I say...go get the second one
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Quote by LetTheBassPlay
I just got 2 yesterday and love it. i havent played one though, so i went with 2.

Ha I bought two yesterday also. Working on hard right now.
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i find it hard to pick.

i like the songs better on 1, but 2 has some great songs too. theyre almost equal really.