Does anyone know of any good rockin' acoustic bands like tenacious d. I like the kind of sound they have because theyre not afraid to smack their guitars and they play faster less mellow songs. I can't really find any other bands like this. I also like matt costa and some jack johnson, but I just want something rocks hard!
well, i don't know of any but would also be glad to find out
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Elliott Smith, great acoustic stuff.
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John Butler Trio has some pretty psychdelic acoustic jams.
as far as actual acoustic bands i really can't name one off hand other than maybe Days of the New, they have a lot of somewhat faster acoustic driven songs. If you never heard of them try "Touch, Peel and Stand." I can name a few other songs to check out too, like -

Sammy Hagar - Little White Lies (at least the first 1:43 of it, slash plays lead on that song)

Saliva - Your Disease (acoustic version)

Van Halen - Finish What You Started

if those are what you had in mind let me know. If you think they all suck tell me to go away noob!
Check out Matt Nathanson...his music with a full band is kind of like acoustic rock music.

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