now what guitar should I buy? I want to play blusey metal, like rocka rolla.
a good one
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did you just say bluesy metal??
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an ibanez Rg series would be good or maybe a fender fat strat

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Schecter Blackjack/Elite. You may need another $50 though, unless you want to haggle. I love mine. You could also look into a Strat. Just go try stuff out, it's the best way to decide on these types of thing.
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I don't know exactly what kind of guitar is warranted for bluesy metal, but I would go for Ibanez if you're more into faster, technical playing or Schecter if you're more into the feel and groove of your music.

Either way, both make great guitars.

Jackson and ESP are more for metal metal, if you know what I mean.

I can't advise you on LPs or Fenders or Gibsons, cause I don't know anything about them.