should i trade my avt in for a tsl601 head??? I'm not sure if im getting a cab for awhile(the guy might do a me a deal and give me a cab for like 200 more bucks but im not too sure) so yeah would it be worth it....i play alot of heavy stuff like atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bullet for my valentine, trivium and the such.....and will this amp get me tones like them to vai, right through to blues and shit....i want lots of gain and usable cleans...and i can get a chorus pedal off a friend for $25 if the cleans are shocking.....is this amp for me??? im going down to the shop in 2 days to try it out again...it was just serviced about no more than 2 weeks ago....thanks
Youd be stupid not to. That amp is much better of an amp that youve got now. DO IT!
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im getting the C-1 Hellraiser Baritone and replacing the EMG 81 with my Zakk Wylde EMG 81

****in great dude
yeah for sure, AVT's are crap... imo
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Look at Guch's table...(we really need to sticky that).

Then make your decision.
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yeah that amp will suit you man! and dont you mean TSL60? The cleans are you could say decent! and its high gain so it will do those bands well!
^ yeah I was gonna ask the same thing cause the TSL601 is a combo. And I've played both the AVT and TSL side by side many many times and the TSL rapes the AVT. The cleans on the TSL are better than my 800 too. You'll want good pups though cause the TSL gets a little muddy and undefined sometimes when a lot of distortion is being used.