k, i posted this in the GN'R thread, but i got no replies, and i don't know in what other forum i could put it so w/e...anyways...

i need some serious help on sweet child o' mine, i'm sure u all can guess which part, yup that little buildup when he switches on the wah-wah, i just can't get that down for the life of me, i've gotten everthing else down except for that, i've got like the first few notes and the rest is uh-uh, uh-uh!! so anyone got any tips on how to play that? anything special you got to do, idk haha, so anything would be appreciated, thanks
I don't know what's the bump?
There are a lot of excellent gp tab for this song on the net.
learn it with no wah wah, then once you have it cracked down, add the wah where needed, bake for 20min and leave to cool...
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