Hey guys, I was just wondering how you physically record vocals when doing a song. I'm assuming most of us dont have real studios with a vocal room or whatever, so how do you go about singing for your recordings.

For example, do you guys sit down or stand up, record in a closet or just in a room, do you record when people are at your house or by yourself. What about laying down all parts, and doing vocals last? I'm not sure why I'm curious about this, but I am.
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I've got a mic and mic stand in my room, I tend not to bother about waiting til the house is empty I just tell my folks I'm recording and they turn the TV down enough so it's not picked up. I'd recommend always singing standing up rather than sitting down, because that's like trying to play a bent flute =P

I record my guitar and vocals simultaneously, but that's because I always play them simultaneously live and I don't want to ever record something that I can't play the same live.

I use a TASCAM US122-L to record. It's very good.

I hope that helped.

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I just do it in a room, I stand up, get a comfortable position for myself and the Mic and Rock and Roll. I use a large diaphragm condenser on vocals so my pop filter I usually keep about 6 or 7 inches away from the the capsule itself.
Stand up and loosen uo, I usually do all my vocals when nobody else is around. Also, always do vocals as the last step of recording.
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I stand up to do vocals. All I have is a 58. I usually do vocals and guitar solo's last. But I've been known to break those rules for whatever reason. I used to do a lot of layering on vocals, but now I can't stand that. All of my stuff is one track with some basic application of reverb or delay. I've learned that the compressor is a key player in good vocal tracks.
I don't have a vocal booth, but I have a seperate live room and control room. Sometimes I record the vocals in the live room, but lately we've been staying in the control room.

I like to be there with the vocalist.

I've recorded about 100 records with the singer standing up. Just 1 with the singer sitting down. It turned out fine too. It just depends on the singer, really.