I was listening to it on my ipod, and between 8-9 minutes, you can hear a girl moaning in the right headphone.

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Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?

Yeah, it's the regression and hearing her cheat on whats his name...
Nicolle. Me. Got it?
Sex associated with Rock N' Roll? I would of never thought.....
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same with rocket queen, i aint listened to that song though, just might download it now

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listen to the start of pleasure slave by manowar haha
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motorboat the clit you motorboatin' sonofabitch.
the groans in rocket queen was a joke played on axl, when the rest of the band went to the studion a saw axl fukin some ho in the recording booth. so they pushed record on him and thought it would be a nice tasteful touch to one of their songs
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Buy the toilet Hendrix crapped in for the full "Jimi Hendrix Experience"

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