Well, it's time for me to buy next guitar, and I'm going for a V with a floyd rose.

Basically it's between the Jacksons RR3 and kvx10. I'm guessing that the rr3 sounds much better:the kvx10 is still stuck with the duncan design pickups while the rr3s are upgraded to the seymour duncans. I even like the look of the rr3 better. It's just that the fact that it has is 22 frets is really bugging the hell out of me.

Although, I might be able to replace the bridge pickup of the kvx10(probably to a seymour duncan live wire metal) because the overall price might be just a little bit more than the RR3.

So basically, i can't make up my mind and I need help. Also, are there any other v's with a floyd rose that are worth getting (e.g bc rich) that are around that price?
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Whoah, that totally slipped my mind.

My bad, man.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that you might want to look at this.


Then, with the money you saved that would've gone to the rest of the RR3, you can put in an OFR and get new pups.

The new Kramers have gotten good reviews by and large, btw, if you're worried about that.
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^****, that's pretty sweet. If I can find one I'll definately consider it.

Haz_uk, i never knew that they released a alexi-200, i've only seen the other two. Yeah, this one is affordable, though I use the neck pick up alot. I'll consider it also.

So, the kvx10 is ruled out i guess. I guess it' between the kramer, the alexi-200 and the rr3. I'm leaning toward the rr3.
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just a thought; if you're willing to spend a bit more look at the alexi laiho sig from esp.

or screw that an get the jackson RR24.

I havent tried the Kvx10 so I cant really give an opinion on that but I've played the RR3 and I liked it. the only problem some people say is the lisenced FR trem but afaik, its a direct swap for an OFR if the LFR does start to go wrong.
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Hey, I was in your situation about a month ago, but I ordered my RR3, although my reasons were that I always wanted a jackson rhoads since I started guitar, so its a dream because I saw it in the shop tryed it, loved it and I've ordered it. the upgrade also leaned me towards it, because I really didn't like the duncun design ones. It all comes down to how much you want one with 24 frets really, my friend went for a BCrich beast which had a floyd and 24 frets but they have a wide veriaety of shapes.
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dude! get the rr3 and if you can always bend 22nd fret to 24 the rr3 is amazing

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