Check it out and leave some comments on it, fx some good ideas where this might fit in, or if it's even anything worth..

Riff (Right click, save as)

Maybe it could be an outro or something..
Textures - greatest band ever
Wow. Heavy and fast, sounds great too. I can definitely hear the LoG in there, nice job! As for where it would fit in a song, I really wouldn't know. It sounds more like an intro to a song, especially the first 14 seconds or so.

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I agree, it sounds to me more like an intro and beginning of a verse. Really good though, nice tone, what's your setup on it? I also think an alternate rhythm on the palm mutes in the last part with the chords, would break up the slight monotony.
I think it would be a good intro and then it would be good to have it again after the chorus. or maybe it could be in the chorus but it depends on what else you have for the chorus. but i think it's definitly worth something.
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Love it dude! I could hear the click in background and boy is that fast! Don't change anything man. C4C below and add on myspace if you have one, thanks.
I think this is definitely not an intro riff. Imagine midway through a song, the guitars drums and bass suddenly stop and you hear this riff started on guitar. I picture some sort of chant for vocals, with a word cookie-monstered on every other beat
Its a hard-hitting intro. Songs don't have to start slow or have an "intro" sound to it.
well thats your opinion, and mine is vastly different. At least when it comes to this particular riff.
Thanks everyone.. I'll try some of your ideas more ideas / crits will be appreciated..
I will also crit most of you back..
Textures - greatest band ever
Definately a sweet riff man, like someone else said it sounds like LoG alot, which is a good thing It could be used as any part of a song really, itd make a good intro, or if it faded out it could be a kick ass way to end a song. keep working on that one dude
Wow man. I'm not a huge fan of metal. But this was great. I really liked it. I would use it as an intro.

crit for crit? Mines the 12 Bar Blues in A...should still be on the first page of R&R. Maybe second or third by the time you get to it.

EDIT: You could also go along with what architekt suggested,
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its would be a awesome intro

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