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Just stick your pics of the coolest guitars here!


Thats the ugliest fucking guitar I've ever seen.
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Bender Distortocaster. I shall buy one one day, since Brian only lives about two miles away.
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OK, so nothing is going to beat that Spinal Tap guitar :P

But still, Lucille ftw.
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+2, what makes me laugh the most is the fretboard

Yeah...you can't get much weirder than Prince's axes.
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+2, what makes me laugh the most is the fretboard

my favourite bit is the tachometer

it actually works, and gauges how hard you are hitting the strings.

plus the exhaust pipes...
Or the 8 pickups.....(or 4 humbuckers. still.)

Or the pool ball tremolo arm.
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Those guitars, except Lucille, are absolutely atrocious.
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These threads have been done so many times... argh... Can't we just stick to the one ****ing thread with the most pics and shit and keep building on that???!!
Q about tube amps:
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Aside from that yellow/redflame spinal tap, they all suck.

If you want cool looking, google BC Rich or ESP.