So I own a Takamine Santa Fe and for me it is without parallel, (but I guess that is open to debate) but I am amazed how many people pronounce it differently. So I have to ask, is the word TAKA MEANIE..or is it TAKA MINE(Not yours but mine)? I always pronounce it by the first definition, but heck..I seem to spend a lot of time arguing about it.

I would do one of them poll things if I was smart enough, but I aint..
pronouce it like this:


or tack-a-mini like we do in aus...apparently.
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Takamini... it isn't an ancient Aztec God.
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its taka-mean
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I pronounce it Tacka-meanie...

I have one as well...

'tis a good guitar.
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I've always prounounced it TAK-ah-MIN-eh...
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So you guys get my point...Maybe I should have got the freakin Maton, then people could at least pronounce it!!
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I've always prounounced it TAK-ah-MIN-eh...

That's how it should be pronounced technically although I don't know if it is pronounced like that.

Like hyundai. Why people pronounce it hi-yun-day instead of hyun-die is beyond me.
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i'm pretty sure that the first definition is correct....
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if its a japanese name taka meanie!
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