hey guys... and ladies... yes...

Well i've been learning this since last year, not full time as i'm still trying to get back into my guitar "groove" which is like hours upon hours of guitar a day... i didnt play to much like full on over the holidays... which to me is fair enough for a break.

Anyways my main song i'm even fussed by is satch boogie (joe satriani)

i'm up to the part in the solo where he jumps up to the F# (14th high e)

i could easily progress further through it past there, but i'm a bit fussy and dont want this to be some half ass'ed attempt, like alot of other stuff i've done in the past. I'm hoping this song will make me a better player, which i'm thinking its doing.

The problem is i'm being very picky, and am unsatisfied with a few of the rhythms in the solo, and possibly in the intro.

I've been using the highest rated GP tab using the slowdown feature and been playing along... i guess i started a couple of weeks before christmas on it, and havent done to much.

I've been watching lots of him playing it live on youtube as i can, and trying to figure it out as best i can, and am listening to it heaps now.

Can someone give me some encouragement or advice, or how they got around it.

Peavey 5150ii w/ Marshall 1960DM cab