i just bought a seymour duncan basslines quarter pounder bridge pickup, wired it up and im sure its not actually working....i mean, everyway i set my equaliser, it still sounds kinda tinny....reckon ive wired it wrong??? except, i followed the wiring instructions (they were only simple), and im sure theyre all correct.
anyone had any trouble with them or advice on it?
it should sound really rich and punchy...im not even sure if it sounds better than the original Fender Jazz pickup.
I've had the same problem with the same model, but most of the times its not the PU's fault...

make sure you soldered everything the way it should be, and make sure again!

My problem was that the the tone knob and the capacitor + 2 other wires were not soldered well, because of oil from my hands... So I superglued them LOL

ya, it should be easy to fix... and It will sound 1000000000 times better than your stock PUs!