Once upon a time there was a shrew called Fred who lived with his mother and father in there house in the forest. Everyone in the forest liked Fred very much because he was a very generous shrew; Arthur the forgetful mouse once said to Fred ''I like you very much because you are a very generous shrew'', this pleased Fred so he decided to bake a cake for Arthur.
''I wonder'' pondered Fred as he gazed at the baking section of the local supermarket, ''what would Arthur like on his cake?''. At that moment Wilmot the cheeky chaffinch dashed by and nearly knocked poor Fred over. ''Oh, terribly sorry!'' exclaimed Wilmot, ''it's quite alright'' replied Fred as he heaved himself off the floor. Fred suddenly had a very encouraging thought; he remembered that Wilmot won the 'Baker of the Year' award last year, this thought filled Fred with glee but when he turned around to ask Wilmot to help him he was gone! ''Oh no!'' thought Fred, he pranced out of the supermarket in search of Wilmot but could not find him anywhere. He went home in a very bad mood that day.
The next day Fred awoke from bed feeling like a new shrew, he put on his clothes, tied his shoes carefully and stepped into the kitchen ready to do some baking. He asked his Mother to help him and she willingly accepted, knowing that this was the perfect opportunity to bond with her son.
They worked together all through the morning sharing many a happy moment until at last the cake was complete. They sat it on the window sill to cool and went into the living room where Father was reading his favourite newspaper and smoking his favourite pipe. He asked what that delightful smell was from the kitchen and Fred and Mother chimed together ''thats our cake!'', of course Father did not believe that Mother and Fred managed to make a cake together so he sat up from his chair with shock and asked if he could see.
Meanwhile, just outside, Vincent the mischievous rabbit was prowling around and spotted the delicious cake sitting on the window sill. ''That cake looks truly magnificent!'' he said as he carefully slipped the cake into his bag, he then snuck away silently.
As Fred and Mother stepped into the kitchen their faces changed from delighted to horrified, their precious cake was missing! ''Now what am i going to do'' cried Fred as a tear trickled down his cheek ''Arthur was so nice to me, and now i cant repay him''. ''Dont worry son'' Father said encouragingly, ''I'll find out where your cake went if its the last thing i do'' and with that he picked up his coat and charged outside.
Father walked all through the neighbourhood, searching here, searching there, searching almost everywhere until he noticed a figure in the shadows. ''Who goes there'' he bellowed, the figure slowly emerged and wouldnt you know it; it was Vincent, still with the bag over his shoulder. ''Whats in the bag son?'' asked Father, ''nothing, nothing at all sir'' replied Vincent uneasily, ''then you won't mind showing me inside your bag?'' said Father. After hearing this Vincent tried to make a run for it but Father was prepared for this eventuality and grabbed Vincent by the scruff of the neck. He looked inside the bag and low and behold, the cake was there, looking just as glorious as before. He brought Vincent back home with him and made him apologise to Fred and Mother and he did so and they let him leave. ''Oh thank you father!'' exclaimed Fred as he leapt about the room, he took the cake and flew down to Arthur's house. He knocked on Arthur's door and Arthur answered, Fred presented the delicious cake and Arthurs face lit up ''for me?'' he asked. Fred nodded his head, ''you were so nice to me so i had to repay you'' he said, ''oh thank you ever so much'' said Arthur with a huge grin on his face, Arthur then asked ''would you like to come in and have some?''. Fred, pleased as punch, agreed to come in and for the rest of the day the 2 friends ate cake and played lots of fun games together like 'i spy' and 'heads down thumbs up'.

The End.