Hey, you guys in this forum seem to know alot about guitar parts. Will someone tell me about guitar parts, what they are? I've heard talking about "pots" what are those? What is it like inside of the guitar? What kind of wood is usually used, what really matters? I'm sorry i dont have more speicific questions, and those are just some questions off the top of my head. Please tell me all there is to know... please? For guitar repair, custiomizing, all that good shit.
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ok... i'll take the Pot's one... Pot. is short for potentiomiter (spelling?) but in all actuality it's a variable resistor, it regulates the amout of current that flows throgh a curcut. in this case pots are used in two ways. First, is the volume knob, which is attached to a pot, the pot controals the output volume of the guitar by regualting the current that flows to the tip of the jack. the other common way that a pot is used in a guitar is for the tone knob. the tone pot regulates how much current flows through a compacitor (again, spelling?) which changes the tone of the guitar by liminting the overtones.