hey, i am currently interested in buying a better combo amp than the one i have now (a rougue 30) for home practice. i use a 4x10GK cab with backline 600 head, and also want to add a 15" w/ tweeter for better low end response

my question is, will any combo amp, the ampeg 115 in particular, be able to be used as an ext speaker for this rig, and if so, how much wattaage would the combo need to be to be sure i dont blow it, or do i just have to go buy a cab?
the speaker should be able to handle at least 30 watts, preferably about 50, so there is no chance of blowing it and it doesn't distort. you can use it as a cab, just connect the pre out to the line in on the combo. or if there isn't a line in, just plug into the input.
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ok, well the amp im looking at is a 100w combo, my head is 300w, im wondering if i can bypass the amp of the combo altogether and not blow the speaker
No, you probally shouldn't do that. If your head is 300 watts, you need a 300 watt cab... any lower, and you are at a high risk of getting nothing but distorted crap [blown].
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