Well i'm currently a junior in high school and i've been playing guitar for a little more than a year. Every day that i play I get better and i'm really starting to love it more and more; but i plan on going to college. Is it hard to be an active musician while in college?

Thanx for the help
not at all... there's more free time than you could imagine in college, plus maybe you can take a class or two in theory which will really improve your playing, but i guess it all depends on your major and school
It all depends on how serious of a musician you are trying to be... If you mean having a band and performing covers or original music, then it will be tough... a band takes more time and money than most people realize, it is very difficult (especially if you play all original music) to book steady gigs, write all the music, practice all the music, and actually perform.... if you want to just be a musician and have time to play your guitar... well, there is always time for that... Either way it's not impossible and having your guitar will help keep you sane, just make sure if you do the band thing you fully understand the commitment that it takes.... and good luck
Ya it should be easy to do. You have lots of time and there are some classes in college for music students that you should be able to get in. So for now, just keep playing guitar.
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Well, you should be able to find time to practice. Your free time will depend on your school, what you study, work, girlfriend, partying, etc. Basically, if you structure your time, you should be able to practice fairly regularly.

As for being in a band, that's tricky. I don't know anyone here who's in a band, unless they live here in the city and have friends from the city. To keep myself playing, I joined the jazz band here. The school provides most of the equipment, and we get to play gigs every now and then.
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