i know to most this will be an easy question to answer but i just started playing a little while ago and i'm haveing trouble with some tabs. I don't understand how to play a note like this:

I know this normally means a slide when its like 5/4 but i don't know what that is.
I have another question to about notes. How do i play this one?

any help would be really nice.
/4 means you slide too that note like try sliding from 2 to 4 all it means is slide up to that note from anywhere
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yeah when its like that i usually just slide from around 4 or 5 frets below to the note you want.
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0 is played as an open string, but if it's in () then it's either optional or sometimes played as a harmonic, depends on who wrote the tab. just see what sounds right!
Maybe (0) means play it very lightly. A ghost-note. And the /4 question is sufficiently answered.

EDIT: If it was meant to be a tapped harmonic, it would look like 0(12), which means you finger that note (as in this case would be open) and tap the fret in parentheses almost ontop of the bottom of the fret.
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any note in parenthesis (brackets) means a ghost note and it's usually played unintentionally or during the transition from one chord to another to fill out the sound.

you can get fretted notes in brackets too but these are usually sounded by just playing the passage as normal.

in other words, forget bout them!!