HAVOC 51 have one CD out, the last single did over $8000 of business in December alone. Deals signed etc.

We are looking to take things out on the road in late Spring/summer 2007. Gigs waiting including festival appearance late July.

PM me or e-mail through the website www.havoc51.com

Looking for mainly drummer & lead/rhythm guitarist. Guitar player must be rock/metal based with knowledge of maj/min pentatonics, harmonic minor & tapping.
i live in wigan which isnt too far away, but my influences are like Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Muse/Pantera, so i dont know wether i fit the bill, also im 15...16 in august and ym equipmment isnt good enough to gig with, but if i fit add me on msn amscott_43@htomail.com

hope it works out