HI there, ive made a song on my acoustic guitar and I'd like to get some feedback/constructive criticism on it. You can always ask me to comment back on your recordings.

This was recorded on Mixcraft with a Fender electro-acoustic.

It's just an instrumental, although im working on lyrics... and its on our bands myspace:

Any constructive criticism is welcome and I'll be happy to crit yours.
pretty cool really catchy. get some lyrics to it and it will sound great keep it up

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wow, great. it got a little repetitve, but with lyrics I'm sure it wouldn't. so definitly get some lyrics or shorten it up. crit mine please https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=519219
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The two guitar parts in the beginning aren't synced up too good, so thats a little distracting, but it comes together well after that. You should do more with the slow breakdown that happens, and also that distant, spacy section is really cool, that should continue in the background while the main riff comes back, so you get some really layering going on. Cool though. thanks for checking out my stuff too, appreciated!
That's really cool, and very catchy. With some lyrics, it'd hold up great as a song! The only problem I could hear was the guitars at the beginning didn't seem like they synched up very well. Could be just me though.

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