Ok i finnaly got myself to record a video of the EVH masterpiece-eruption.

Yay no more beach shorts lol 

The audio quality is bad and many parts sound very noisy while they are not in real life (i promise)
Its not note for note i partly made up the 2nd part.I kind of forgot some stuff in the beginning but i didnt want to stop recroding for that.
At the end of the tapping part i lost stamina and i had to cut out.

its pretty sloppy, im not going to lie

you know most of the correct notes, but you just have to work on not making excess string noise w/ the open strings
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Thanks for the crit.

Im working on that.
Gonna try to make the next video less sloppy.
I also have to take down the reverb and delay because it realt adds ALOT excess noise.
Im also getting a new camera preety soon (i hope) .

Thanks again,
the first thing i thought when i saw this thread was, oh great another crappy eruption attempt.

but, it was actually pretty good. just work on it a little more, and do you tap with your pick? i've heard of that, but never seen it. good job
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Hey thanks guys.

I will probably do a new version and i think i will record the video and audio seperatly for best quality.
I will record at the same time but with different devices.

Oh and i considered learning to tap with my fingers but i just prefer the tone of pick tapping and it gets a bit speedier.
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zOMGzorZ u r gawd
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i beat you to it
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that was really good i have never heard eruption too much except for the tapping part and it reminded me of eddie playing on stage (im not sucking up here) i thought it was very well done and the alternate picking was very clear for the most part well done
That was very good. Yes, at sometimes it was a bit sloppy, but overall that was great. and that mask in the video is hella freaky!
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At the last part i just used a pitch shifter and set it on half step up.
Adjusted it so the dry and wet is at the same level and voila. Perfect dissharmony.
it was pretty good, but really sloppy. like others said, you know the right notes, its just sloppy.
just work on that excess string noise and it will be perfect, nice job
I don't believe that you've only been playing 1 and a half years...

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