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Hiya, I'm new here, I'm flezem , 17 and from holland and I play guitar

I'm in a band since a few months, we play original material( or atleast we try ) and we're gonna play some covers too. I created the band with a bassist and a drummer I have played with before, and a good friend that happens to have a great voice. We're satisfied with his singing, and I sing backing vocals while I play guitar. The band likes the backing vocals too, and the bassist sings along with me.

But the drummer's dad knows a great female singer of our age, and he suggested us to try to get her in the band. He says it's great for variation of our songs. He also suggests we play more covers too, because if we want to get gigs, we have to entertain the crowd with songs they know. But we have great fun writing songs, playing, and we think that we can entertain the crowd with our own songs. We don't really need another member. Should we still try the singer, and change our approach, and play more covers? I know our current singer won't like only singing half of the songs, and I like singing backing vocals too. Any suggestions/ ideas on what to do?

Oh and while you're reading, our current band name is : whoweare
Do you like that or should we get a better name? I haven't seen any other band having this name

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Sounds like your drummer's dad is trying to choose a path for you... if you just want to make money and play shows and have the local crowds cheer for you, then go with more covers and add another member... cover bands that can play a wide variety of stuff make a TON of money.

If you don't want to sell out, i would focus more on writing original songs and finding venues to play them at, rather than on complicating things with more members and a bunch of covers to remember.
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cant hurt to try. and pick covers that fit your stile... covers are great practice, especially if you play them live. gives you a chance to hear, not just play, and see how people are reacting, how other members are doin etc.
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You have to ask yourself: do you want to be a covers band, or do you want to be an original band? Yes, if you learn loads of classic covers then you'll get good paying gigs in pubs, but you'll never be more than a pub band.
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Well, me and the bassist and drummer played in a band before ( at the music school)where we only did covers and we kinda made this band to start with original work. The only gigs we did were on that school at open day and stuff.

Well yeah, the dad we're talking about plays in a commercial cover band. So that's why he thinks like that. He's really helping our band so far, so I guess we'll go and listen to his advice, and try the singer. But we really really want to work on original material, but so far I haven't written anything that would suit a female voice over a male voice.
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If she's hot I say at least do a practice with her to see how she is and how you she adds to the band.
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Since he is a working musician, I would take his advice.. but remember... overall it's YOUR band and you guys can decide for yourself.

I was once in a band with a bunch of guys in their late teens and we had a drummer who was 14.. .. we were hard pressed for a drummer and he was the only one we could find. He could play nothing but death metal. We practiced at his house and ever practice his dad would try to give us advice like he was our manager (which was a job I held previously... long story)... the icing on the cake was when I asked the drummer to start practicing with a click track so we could get ready for recording. His dad said in our "group" meeting .. "there seems to be some people who tell people what to do rather than ask"... i told him what I thought about that and his responce was the drummer had recorded without a click track before and it "sounded fine"..... of course it sounds fine.. it's your son! He was just making an excuse because his son couldn't do something that the rest of us could.

Anyways, I quit the band shortly after that and the band dissolved shortly afterwards. I had another member of that band tell me that I did more for them than the dad ever did.

Update: That drummer is now about 16 and has been in a few local bands.. neither of which has had any serious gigs. He was recently fired from one group. His dad tries to "manage" every band he is involved in and I think that was one of the reasons. His bands usually don't stay together for more than 3 months or so.

The sad part of this is... I think his dad worked on Fridges and Air conditions for a living. He never picked up an instrument in front of us.. but one day he said he always wondered "what if" when he was 18. Which pretty much means he is a washed up 80's guitarist who is trying to live his dream through his son.

What out for people like this.
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If you want to do covers, I'd say put about 3 or 4 in your lineup when you first get going. It spreads word about your band quicker than original material will. After a while and a few gigs, narrow it down to the 1 or 2 covers that you enjoy doing. Every band has at least 1 cover that they're known for, so when you really get your career as a musician rolling (if this is the direction you're going for), just keep that 1 and everything else should be original material.
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