i got home from school today and was told my grandma had died.

it's like ive never actually seriously thought that oneday she would die
you dont think that one day they wont be there

ive never had someone so close to me die before.
my dad went up her house this morning and found her lieing face down on the kitchen floor and the paramedic's think she choked . what away to die ay. what a thing for a son to find on a monday morning.

all i can say is if any of you have elderly grandparents go and visit them every so often , it probably means the world to them. once there gone there gone.
she was always so good to me and i was always to " busy" to help her out
.thats one thing i regret.
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I think it's sick to force kids to take part in hate mongering and sick for spoonman to think its right for any adult to throw anything at a child.
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I'm really sorry about that man. I visit my grandparents every so often and probably would be pretty devastated if they died. Sorry to hear it man.
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Sorry to hear it, I lost both my grandmothers suddenly, with no warning, and was very close to them both so I know how you feel. Just try to keep your chin up and remember she'd rather you enjoy life than feeling miserable for her.
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Sorry man.

dont know what to say

R.I.P Spoonmans Granma
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i know how you feel only 1 of my grandparents are still alive, my grandma on my mom's side passed away on my birthday 2 years ago...that really sucked
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Sorry to hear it Spoonman, but don't hold onto those regrets for long. It will all be better after the funeral, then you have closure. Keep that chin up mate.
sorry, that really sucks.
i've never had anyone close die. not really looking forward to it.
i was born with only one grandmother and she lived along way away from me so i never fully appreciated or had the love of a grandparent figure, and she recently passed away due to the way she lived her life, so all i can say is i get you man, its hard to lose someone who means alot to you, but the best thing to do is remember the good times and keep your chin up.
I never expected my parents to die and they did. My mother died when I was 16 and my father died when I was 18. Both died from cancer.
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thanks you lot
your comments mean a lot to me
behind all the buttsecks you get on UG theres also some decent people
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I think it's sick to force kids to take part in hate mongering and sick for spoonman to think its right for any adult to throw anything at a child.
I lost my Grandparent to cancer but I still have one Grandma, sometimes I don't appreciate her enough, she does alot for me and I do love her as much of a burden as she is. It's hard you know.
I'm really sorry for your loss, I know how hard it is, I lost my close friend at the end of last year suddenly, I knew she was sick but never contemplated her loss and it's such horrible pain. Support those around you and they will do so back, you gotta stick together at times like these and though you are in much pain, she is not. You know what I mean I hope. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear this news and you're in my thoughts.
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Dear spoonman,

Im sorry your grandma died. Sometimes im "too busy" to help my grandma too, but you know, whats done is done, and shed probably understand youre young and have a lot to do.

Right now im picturing your avatar as you, and its disturbing me



and to brian, that sounds rough man
This is one of those things that takes time and as much as you want it to go by fast that's not possible but you will eventually move on as all things do
Sorry about that. At least appreciate the fact that she had a long life and that she wasn't in pain for too long. Deaths are very surreal to deal with. Best of luck.
I would sh*t my ass if I just walked into my grandmas house and saw her lying on the floor dead.
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The last time i saw my grandad, he told me he would come and see me perform. He was ill, but i hadn't considered him dying. hurts like hell.
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Death is everywhere. I feel your pain dude. Life is so precious but no one can see that. Life has to go on. Cherish her memorys and always remember her, but life goes on.
dude i'm really sorry to hear that. best of luck dealing with it. think of the good times, not the bad
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i lost my grandfather a couple years back, he was like my father figure because my dad walked out on my mom when he found out she was pregnant with me and wouldnt have an abortion, i mustve cried for 2 days, but i thought about it, and even though i was pretty young, i knew he would want me to keep my chin up and move on through life, and make the best out of what you have
So sorry to hear that, man. I hope you will remember the good times you shared with her, and that you will feel better soon.

Best of luck.
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Man, my grandma is getting sick to, she lives with us, and i'm helping her as much as I can, just to cherish what we have left, i'm sorry dude.
I only have one grandparent left, I was never that close to any we lived too far away. That sucks man.

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Hmm, my grandad took 2 years to die. It was horrible, he had no idea who we were in the last few months.
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