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Very high
5 3%
Pretty high
14 10%
Somewhere in between
34 23%
Pretty low
63 43%
Very low
30 21%
Voters: 146.
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Hey, i was just curious as to which action is most commonly preferred by the UG community!

Also, if you'd like to discuss the finer points of action, like whats the different ups and downs between different settings.

I know something like action level is really relative since people will have somewhat different opinions of whats high and whats really high and such, but i guess we'll have to live with that
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On my guitar, i have the action really low. I have small fingers so, if the action is to high my finger slips underneath them..haha
I have medium action I guess you could say. I like the low strings with low action, but G, B and high E are pretty high, so I can bend easier.
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I have mine quite low but not as low as some people i know, I have it low so that Legato is easier but quite high so i can play the chords without the open ones causing fret buzz.
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about medium, i prefer the low E, A and D to be a bit higher and the other 3 to be a bit lower however, but not too much to the extreme

EDITED to try and make more sense
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about medium, i prefer the low E, A and D to be hi and the other 3 to be quite low

That makes no sense.
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My electric is pretty low, and my acoustic is pretty high. I voted pretty low, seeing as how my electric is my main.
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Too low. I'd better change that actually...

I like mine SRV style, but The tools that usualy set mine up put it way to low. Gotta fix it.
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I like it high - started out on an accoustic.
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Mine is pretty low. But it isn't so low to cause fret buzz. I really need to sort my crappy acoustics action - it is very high for an acoustic.
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I like it high - started out on an accoustic.

Even on a JEM7V? That thing feels great with the super low action, though
High for an acoustic? You really need to fix that.

I have my action as low as possible without having the buzz problem, easier to play that way.
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Can anyone mention the advantages and disadvantage of all kinds of action?



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Medium - High.
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my epi LP is really low, to the extent shredding sound all bleedy, but my strat is low, but not too low (if you know what i mean), each are perfect for their own styles.

to breakstuff : i know that low action is preffered for most shredders because it is quiker and requires less effort to play notes quickly, but if it is too low notes will "fret out" when you bend, this is when a note dies suddenly.
im not sure bout the benifites of higher action, maybe some people like it that way, or maybeit has an effect on the tone idk.
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medium high- I like to be able to dig in when I want to without getting lots of fret buzz.
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Mine's quite low. But anywhere between there and medium is great. My mates SG is terribly high which makes it a nightmare to solo on, so that's definitely not what I'm after >.<
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kind of high, something like 3-4mm of height from the 12th fret.
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my les paul copy is pretty low,

but my strat is fairly high, higher that most, just because on the strat playin blues i love having something to dig into
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My action is rather high I suppose. I don't play electric much anymore, but too low action makes it a bit harder to play I think.
I have it almost perferct for chording and soloing. I get no fret buzz, 1/16 of an inch, about a pennry off the frets. Thats just me though, god dont take the time to do it though. The intonation takes like 2 hours with it like that.
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I had an extremely high action of around 2cm once when I had .015s.
Now i use .011s and heavy bottom, the are somewhere in between.
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Nothing pisses me off more then fretting out on a bend, make sure you can bend up a full step all over the neck if you lower your action, thats a good way to test.
High. Better bends, and way better tone.
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As low as it will go (which reminds me i must raise it a little, getting buzz past the 15th fret on the A and E strings after putting a heavier gague on >.<. Personally, i find a low action much better and faster to play lead with. I do like a medium/high action for my acoustic though, mainly for practice; once I go back to my electric after an hour or so on the acoustic it's so much easier to play.
Wouldn't it be much better to have actual values in mm or inch for this poll? Because what one person might think of as 'low' might be 'medium' to someone else, or even high.

I have the action on my Dean set to about 2.5mm at the bass side and about 1.5 mm at the treble side (when I measure at 12th fret). I don't have any buzz except when I play the low E string really hard at the 15th fret. Since I pick rather hard on the lower strings I'm not going to lower my action anymore because then I get a slight buzz. At the treble strings the action is at a very nice hight for soloing and such so I'm quite happy with the way my guitar is set up at the moment. I have 0.010 strings btw.
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very low on my fender strat and line6 variax (hmm perhaps a bit too low on the variax), low on most other guitars so i can play slide guitar, i like the action nice and high on acoustic guitars.
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Pretty Low (2 mm at the 12th fret)
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Could anyone help me with my problem here? I much prefer having the action low on my Epiphone Les Paul JR, but when I put it low enough so it is comfortable, I get really bad fret buzz until the 3rd fret on all strings, and when I have it high enough to stop the buzz, when I play almost any note from the 12th fret onwards, it comes out 1 semitone higher that when I play the open string. Can anyone solve this?
I'd like to have my action lower, but I get bad fret buzz if I do, so i have it somewhere in between.
Is this measured in distance between the string and fret or distand between the string and fretboard?
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I have a really high action because I hate the sound of buzzing strings. But my action is not nearly that high that it goes out of tune when I play.

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Way to high, going to drop by a guitar tech to let them fix it up...
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