My class is doing a sugar baby project thing. Whats a good name for a boy? Something unique.
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Yaakov hmm.. Lindor (simply as I'm eating chocolate) ørlaf!!
Nicolle. Me. Got it?
In the name of our great owner, call it Vlad.
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EDIT: How about Adolf?
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its called

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NO NO Carl .... or Ainsley ..... Abe ??

I don't know i give up
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In the name of our great owner, call it Vlad.

i wouldnt exactly call Romanov a great leader, or owner.

a better name than David though...

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Its like you get a five pound sack of sugar and thats your baby. You have to keep a log of your daily activites with the baby, which you make up. The more detailed it is the better your grade. And obviously if your not a good parent and your log is like:

Feb 14th 8 Am

Baby wouldn't stop crying. Beat the little ****er with a rock. Finally stopped crying.

Than you fail. Also you get extra points if you dress your sugar up. Gay, but it could be fun I guess.

Anyway I thought of a name no thanks to you fools. First name: Traeyvon; Middle Name: Reinier
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
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My friend named his cute little kitty Lucifer. It's so cute, ^_________^.
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