I have an M-1000 ESP LTD with EMG 81 Active Set pickups, and lately I have noticed that the pick ups sound a little less heavy than usual, very clean and dull sounding, like some wiring has gone bad perhaps. I changed the batteries for the active pickups, and no difference still. Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong? Help would be much appreciated, thanks
my geuss is wiring or a dud pickup. is just 1 or bothe of them?

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I mostly use the more trebley pick up, the one with the switch most rightward when looking down at it, I always forget if that's the bridge or the neck pick up. I never really used the more middy pickup, but I messed with it and it sounds the same to me as it always did
Hmm, try moving your tone and volume controls around. I have accidentally wired my knobs backwards or somewhere in between somehow.

Easiest solution : local tech guy