I bought a Jackson RR3 yesterday and it is already my baby.
However, When i put it on my stand the long fin touches the ground, and its likely to scratch.
Its been a pain continually taking it out of the gigbag and replacing it, wondered if anyone has any ideas that dont involve me having to buy a new stand?
on any half decent stand you can raise the bars to fit any guitar. so yah new stand for you

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What about a swing, like THIS one?
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I think i will have to get a new stand, but itll be worth it.
Thanks for the suggestions on new stands.
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When I first got my Epi (It's pretty much like a Rhoads) The bottom fin touched the ground too. Thankfully, the next day I recieved one of these. It's uber pwn.
It's EXTREMELY sturdy. It's just awesome. Pricey, maybe get one of those with only one stand instead of two. Or a wall hang thingy. A wall hanger or those stands that hang it by the head is the way to go for a V-shaped guitar.