I posted this song a while back then i deleted it to do some editing I came up with most of the rest except the 2nd verse, but im still thinking if you got any ideas plz tell
PLZ crit

The Rebound

(1st Verse):
I thought we were happy together,
Until a man came he told her sorry
For what he said, for what he'd done
She was right, and he was wrong
He said dump this prick, and run with me
Together we'll live in harmony

(1st pre-Chorus):
She left with out saying goodbye
I fell to my knees and started to cry
There were no tears falling from her eyes
She could care less if I commit suicide

That's about the time I found
That's about the time I found
She dated me...
...off the rebound

(2nd Verse):???

(2nd pre Chorus):
Thought she left 'cause I didn't have enough game
Turns out all she wanted was a diamond ring
That's ok go date that rich bastard
My fault for dating a ****ing gold digger

(Repeat Chorus)
(Instrumental Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

PLZ Crit
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my last fail was breaking up with my gf.

that's going to suck for a while

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Well, not really haha!

all in all this is decent, there are some good lines and there are some bad ones... i really like the first pre chorus, its nice and emotional, but the second pre chorus has to go or has to get reworded or something it just isn't good...other than that the song is all right