Hello all,

I'm thinking of giving guitar lessons. I think i'm at a level now that I can teach begginers the basics of the acoustic.

One thing though: my music theory is a bit rusty. I was thinking of tackling this my giving lessons to students my age (university students especially), who would like to play modern songs rather than get classically trained (involving the use of tabs).

Obviously i'll teach the basics, guitar maintenance etc. I was just wondering if anyone has ever given lessons, and if there are any tips that anyone has.


I never taught, but a good way to get a student interested (This is why my teacher did) is to, first day, say to the person: Come next time with 5 songs you want to learn how to play.

If you can teach a person a song in the first few weeks, they will get interested instead of frustrated trying to learn chord positions and scales.
my teacher s me lol jkn he gave me all these boring hard ass songs when i started but o well immma master of finger picking now lol......... it was so boaring it almost made me quit
Giving beginner guitar lessons requires an immense amount of patience. More than you can probably imagine. Be prepared to go over the same easy (for you) steps many times.
IMO you'll probably find that 1/2 to 3/4 of your student will either drop out w/some excuse, or arrive time after time w/o having practiced and no more advanced. Many will want to by-pass the basics (chords etc) and go straight into soloing! (LOL!).
I do find it is better to try to find a simple tune that they are familiar with.
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You'd be a bad teacher if you couldn't answer basic questions about theory. Make sure you know some, even if you have to take lessons yourself.
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