hey guys, im actually half wy through building this, but i jsut want some opinions. Basically, i have to build a construction progect for school, and i decided to build a les paul, so i bought a cheap les paul, stripped it, and used the body as a template, all the parts will go into the new body, including the neck. so i got two blocks of wood, one was an inch and a half thick, the other is a half inch thick, and cut the shape of a les paul on both of them. i intend to route out a hollow on all the uneeded parts sections of the thicker piece, living a half inch norder all around the edge, and a half inch back polate, then im going to glue the thinner piece to the top, and route the pcikup cavitys...etc. so i will have what looks like a solid body, but in fact as a massive cavity on the insed, it will still have some solid pieces, and there will be a lot of thick sections on it. any way, im wondering a couple of things, should i put an f hole on it? what advantage would that give me? should i attemot to stain the top piece, the bottom piece, and the neck to get them all the same colour, and attempt a natural finish? should i go for a solid colour, with painted on binding(cause i dont know how/want to do a real one? what kind of sound should i expect from it?
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You bought a Les Paul and stripped it? Wow, I wouldn't do that, but that's me. Anyway, about the paint work. I believe the finish is mainly to do with the wood, but you could use a pearlescent laquer or seomthing to attain a nice finish. I couldn't really give any more advice, I'm not that good at things like this, but when you get the project done some pics would be nice.
oh its not a good les paul, i wouldnt ****ing ruin taht man, it was like 89 euro on thommann, one of these super budget harley benton things, but it had a surprisingly good sound, and a nice playable neck, so it wont do too bad. im just wondering what type of tone i will get, and about the finish?
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Should sound more full and open. It will be lighter. Dont hollow too much out or i would imagine you would loose a considerable amount of sustain and have a wek guitar. Putting in an F hole will make it resonate even more, but unless your really good at it, I would imagine it could get ugly, and I think feedback might become an issue then.
thanks, it will be farily strong i imagine, it will be mainly a solid block of wood, so its strongly then the average acoustic anyway, a lot strongy, so that isnt an issue, the f hole might be, i can cut it fine, but im not sure about feed back
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Well, the reason BB King's signature Gibson has no f holes is to avoid feedback, so I'm guessing it's a genuine issue. You'd only be putting one on yours though (I'm guessing), so it'd be a little like a Fender Thinline Tele, and I don't think I've heard people complaining about feedback with that, so you might be OK...
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