I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade me 100 bucsk for a 100 gift card to guitar center, I have an American Strat on order elseware and I need the money to help pay for it... I know you aren't gaining from it, but I can't afford to lose any money either.. So if your planning on making a purchase there let me know, we can trade 100 for 100 gift card
well i dont think anyone will do that, if i am going to spend $100 at GC i would just use my money why waste time waiting for the gift card to show in the mail....

you might be able to trade that gift card for say some gear that members might have here but none will give you $100 for a $100 gift card....

good luck though
I am just trying to find someone local to MASS that would be willing to do it... I know its unlikely but it's worth a shot
if you sold a 100 dollar gift card for 80 or 90 someone would be definitely buy it but why try to get 100 for a gift card if its the same as cash. You have to make it so the person buying it has incentive.
Not really, I asked someone to trade me... it's just helping someone out.. I am buying a guitar elseware and can't use this 100 buck gift card there so I want to find someone to trade me. Just looking for someone to help me out is all, doesn't really hurt anyone
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Paying by Guitar Center gift cards is tax-free, isn't it?

Unless you live in a country without sales tax.

Actually, it might be tax free if you use the gift card through GC's online store...
On a related note, I won a $10 HEB giftcard for $7.50 at a silent auction. Sorry bro, I would look to sell it $10-$20 cheaper or try somewhere else

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I don't NEED to sell it, I'm just trying to trade someone straight up 100 for 100 gift card.. that's why I said if anyone plans on making a purchase there they could help me out
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I beleive any online purchase is tax free, except certain states

if the company has a business located within your state of residence, then you pay sales tax. I'm not sure of the technical things that guitar center has gone through to make musicians friend a separate entity. I believe you do pay tax on gift card purchases.
When purchasing a gift card, there is no sales tax... at least thats how it is in California