would a ibanez rg350dx give me a sound like steve vais?excluding the pedals etc,also does it give a good heavy metal tone?thanks for your info
yehthe pickups are decent enough, nothin spectacular tho, and beware the trem will crap out within a few months of getting the guitar, i would advise against this guitar purely because pf the quality of the tremelo
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i have the 370 and the trem sux! pick ups are aiight. never the less its a good guitar and worth the money.
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MY gear
Vintage v100 les paul.
POS Ion strat
Vox ad50vt
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I used to own that exact model and at first it was awesome but the problems came soon after. its really not worth it. all my electronics crapped out, the bridge sucks, and the hardware is cheap (i stripped the locking part on the headstock )
hey, i have a guitar with an edge III, supposedly they're fixed, and i think they are, because mine holds tune pretty great and i play with the floyd alot...if you're worried about a trem, go to guitarfetish.com and look up their FR's, they're very reliable and are low price, i think their black FR is about 70-80, not sure, good quality stuff, if you want the guitar that badly i say get it, also, consider looking into schecter C-1 FR's, the new ones, i've played one, it has duncan active pickups, they're not like EMG's, they clean up extrodinarily well, but get pretty heavy too, best of both worlds, and it comes in white also, is only 450

ok thanks guys,what ibanez is the best?im looking for a different style to just one of those black ones you know what i mean?but i also want good quality also,my budget is about £300
just save up a little more and get an Ibanez RG1570. the bridge on it is really good and i just got one at sam ash for $600

edit: also the prestigeneck :drool:
do you have to have a FR, if not i suggest looking into the SA series, full floating tremolo, just not the complete range of a FR, just buy some locking tuners for it and it'll hold tune farily well, an S-470 would be amazing, for 30 more pounds you can get one, amazing trem on that one, it's at guitar amp keyboard still, but the 350 would still be pretty good with a new tremolo, and it's not like it's horrible as people make it out to be, i've had mine for bout 3 months and changed strings on it and it's still holding tune great, and just if you're worried about it save up for an OFR wich is only about 160 USD, idk how many pounds that is
The trem on mine is awesome, I abuse it all day and it stays in tune. You just have to get lucky.
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