When I play the lowest two strings on my electric guitar to get a kind of heavy rock sound it makes weird sounds that are a bit fuzzy, I have only got a 10W amp though. Is it because I am basicly putting in too much input and it can't cope? What Bass and Treble settings should I use? (eg Alot of bass not much treble etc.)


try turning the gain down and see what that does. if that doesnt work, try lowering the volume. if THAT doesnt work, Ive run out of ideas. Get a bigger amp and try again, lol
could be you have the action on your guitar too low its the strings hitting the frets.
sounds like fret buzz to me too.

Actually my first guitar was a really cheap epiphone that was a strat copy. It developed this vibration somewhere in the guitar that made a strange noise on the amp when I played the A or D string too hard.