I'm pretty happy with my guitar set up now, so I won't be wanting a guitar for a while or an amp (If I wanted an amp, I'd sell mine and get a new one, costing me about $50 in the end). I have to pay for books next year, which is about $200- so what should I spend the current money on? Games? Zen Vision: M? Anything?

This thread is sort of pointless, but I kind of wanted an idea.

EDIT: Yes, I know I'm extremely extravagant
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What amp/guitar do you have now?
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What amp/guitar do you have now?

Fender FM 212R amp hooked up with an Epiphone EP 800 amp- I can get some really cool sounds out of using two amps; trust me, it's versatile.

I have an Epiphone Firebird VII guitar and a First Act Strat that I modded with effects on the inside (patent pending ). The First Act plays really well... like really well surprisingly.

...and a Digitech GNX2 that I use sometimes.
We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.
weed or a wii
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please, guys... if he was a stoner he wouldn't have a spare 400 bucks.

i know it only too well :|
Well maybe you should try and make it into more money. Start dealing weed.
Why thank you kankuro (notice how I didn't make any comments about you owning a MG)
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or weed.
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Wah pedal?
Or distortion pedal.
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