Are they really worth it?because i got 600$ saved up.

The thing is i was thinking of maybe getting an avatar because i can get one with v30's for cheaper.

Should i go with the marshall or the avatar?
I've got a 1960a cab. i love it, nice sound comes out of it.

it was worth the cash for me.
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1960a's kick ass, or a 1960av if you want a warmer more vintage sound, though they also cost about $300 more.
I´ve heard great things about avatar cabs... If you have the chance, try them.
I absolutely love my 1960 B cab, it doesnt get muddy and I play very heavy music, it always cuts through really well in band situations. I've never tried Avatar though.
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Marshall 1960b are really good, of course you want V-30's so as kurdt suggested the AV!
people go on about avatar, theyre just hype

it depends what sound you want

construction is a major factor in high end cabs, but a 1960a or av will do ya
allright, well sorry to change the topic but should i buy the Marshall 1960AV or should i buy an Epiphone Les Paul Custom?
I just bought my 1960A JCM900 Lead cab, and I love it. Cost me $600 but it was worth it!
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Try and seek out a Carvin Legacy cabinet. They're loaded with V30's, great build quality, reasonably priced and look great. I grabbed a bottom cabinet off the San Diego craigslist for 280 shipped. They are just as good as a Marshall 1960 cabinet, but dont look as cool in the backline. (If you care about that stuff)

EDIT: Duh, I just noticed that you have a JCM900 head, too. Thats what I was playing through my Legacy cabinet and it sounded incredible. I switched two of the V30's from the cab and put them into my JCM900 4502 combo and it brought that to life. I used the 75's from the combo and put them back into the cabinet in an X config (like the Bogner Ubershcall cabinets) and it really smoked. I was using my JCM900 4100 with the cabinet, FYI.
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If it were me I'd sell the Squier and the Crate or even keep them and save another $100 and grab an Avatar 2x12 and the Epi. I just think it's a better option than the Marshall cab and a Squier. You can always get a bigger, better cab later.
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I just bought my 1960A JCM900 Lead cab, and I love it. Cost me $600 but it was worth it!

thankfully, you set it up right according to the other thread! otherwise you wouldnt be sayin that!
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cab cab cab!

no epiphone!

whats wrong with the epiphone?

And the squire isn't going to make me anymore than about 15$

and i need the crate amp, im going to buy two 10" speakers for it and make it a budget bass amp
^ Why dont you just sell it and get money for a real bass amp?
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