I just heard this guitar duo recently, and I must say I was blown away. Their style is not quite flamenco, but certainly draws influence from it. They covered some Metallica songs, and also Stairway To Heaven. After listening to the song countless times, this version breathes new life into the song for me. Just listen to them. Absolutely un****ingbelievable.
i think those guys are great, and im very pleased they've broken into a more mainstream audience. they actually have a background in heavy metal
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Fantastic a chance to request this..

Is there anyone on UG who would be willing to write a lesson on rasguidas? (sp?) Rodrigo Sanchez is an impressive player, but Gabriela's rhythm section is unbelievable... Thanks.
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gabriela is an amazing rhythm player totally amazing and they both played in thrash metal bands and went acoustic and try to draw thrash influences into their music but they say they always end up latin/flamenco they cant help it . amazing stuff tho. tamacun and juan loco have to be my favourites by them for sure. i might go see them sometime in dublin as theyre always playing round there.