is there not some thing that can connect the lead from a mic or one attached to an amp to my computer so i can record stuff on it? people were on about the stuff needed to record music on ur pc costing like £200 but surely a little device like that wouldnt cost that much. does nothing like that even exist? is it more complicated than that?
If you have a program like audicity or something like that a lot of them can work off the "line in" on the pc, which is the blue socket on the back of most pcs.

I have tried it it's good for basic recording, to rum it off effects pedals or actual guitar into the pc that way, there are even some effects pedals like the zoom G2.1u which you can run it through.

Hope this helps at all
wait a sec that effects pedal u mentioned i looked at it and its description said something about usb would u be able to connect a guitar to a usb port?!?
^ i use a mobile preusb, its a really good port, but its about $175 usd. it sounds pretty sweet though!!! and yes, if you want a decent quality audio input its going to cost a little bit of $$$
bloody hell it is expensive. unless i can get it for around $70 like dan did actually thats only about £40, hmm well thanks for the help
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You can get something like:


I just got it and it's not too bad. It comes with software already so all you have to do is plug in your guitar.

I got it for $70 because I got a demo model. It has a plug for Mic, guitar and other ports for things like keyboard. Really cool.

actually i need to know more about this so you have a lead attaching the guitar to the amp and then one attaching the amp to the fasttrackusb thingamy? that means i cant use my effects pedal with it
^ i'm pretty sure its usb in , i use plenty of effects with mine. i have a digi FX that i use, you can run your 1/4 inch cable into your effects, then run the out cable from your FX to the guitar in jack onto the mobile. i think mine was a bit more cuz it has phantom power on the mic input. ableton is pretty good for recording too (its what "with teeth" was recorded with)
You can record from XLR/1/4 to 1/8 into Windows Sound Recorder

To record longer than 60 seonds, disconect the mic, hit record, and after it reaches the end [60 seconds] hit record again. You can make a track as long as you want. Record over the blank track and you're done.
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