Hey, ive created my first metal song, more a collection of riffs. If ne1 can come up with an order 4 it all, it would b greatly appreciated. Crit mine and ill crit urs plz!
GP5 Metal1.zip
i think it sounds good the order that its in. just expand it a bit more, create a rhythm guitar also. nice riffs you got in there, im not sure what to say advice wise. this song has potential just beef it up a lil :P 7/10

if u got time, crit 1 or both of mine?
song 1 :
song 2 :
I really didt like the use of like the use of the synths except for the harmoney part. the riffs were good though. but it wasnt really a song

It was ok but really needs a lot of work 4/10
Yeah, it's fine in the order it is. The synths aren't too great, but they add a good feeling to the solo. The guitar after the solo where everything just stops (bar 36) has like no transition at all. But maybe you were going for that? Anyways, it's pretty good, but I don't like the use of the 50 tom. You overuse it. You've got about 8 other toms there, try them out.
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Ironically, it's my first metal song too.
That was not really that bad actually! The synths did sound kinda wierd, and some of the transitions were kinda sudden, but it's pretty good! Just fix it up a little but and it will be great!

Care to crit mine?
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