okay if u have seen any of my other threads u must realize by now that im having trouble getting good quality drum recordings....so my question is...

what is the cheapest/easiest way i can record drums that will have good quality...i dono if i need some kind of usb import to the computer or just a recorder box thing.. help
i'm assuming you already have two or more mics

if so, you should get a mixer which you can then plug into the microphone input of your computer
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yea i have enough mics the only problem is even though they go through the mixer they all wind up on one track in the computer software...i was wondering if i could have each mic going to a different track on the actual computer...

Well then, you will need a multi-input card. Otherwise, left and right is the best you can get to separate sounds after recording. Obviously, your mixer can mix the signals all you want, but after you've laid the track you can't go back. But, with multiple inputs, you'll be recording several tracks at once - different toms and etc in each track.

A multi-input is also what I would use to do real drums. I use an electronic kit, so all of my stuff is MIDI generated and I can do whatever I want to it. If I had to do a real kit, which I'm hoping is in my immediate future, then I would definitely require a multi-input card so I could isolate cymbals, toms, bass and snare to different tracks.

Also, be weary of people who jump on here and start shouting products in reply to your questions. Oftentimes, they don't know the answer at all...they just know this expensive "thingy" will fix it....
thanks thats exactly what im going for...

do u have any information about firewire mixers and multi cards (price, number of inputs, where to get them)

what would have better quality between the two choices??

oh yea and does a firewire mixer go into the usb port? sorry im not very good at computer hardware...