I'm not sure if this band is metal or metalcore... I'll let a mod decide. It sounds metal enough to me.

Anyway, a friend told me to check out this band. He said they're a Christian metal band... I generally don't like Christian bands, even though I am Christian. Most don't have any talent. These guys... wow. Very nice solos, drumming, and I can almost hear the bassist! I definitely recommend checking them out. One of my new favorite bands.


http://www.becomingthearchetype.com/media.php (Listen to the album online)

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Eh, not bad.

I think they need to give the Souls to Deny album cover back, though.

Very true, there seems to be a lot of shit bands using Dan Seagrave for artwork these days.
metalcore forum.....they are in the list of bands not allowed in here!

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Great band, wrong forum. The downfall of many a n00b.
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