I really need to start working on getting some recording tools. I literally have nothing to record with, i've been playing for a year and 2 months, and recording hasn't been a big part of me, but now I understand, I need to be able to record. All i have to use is a cheap Computer Microphone. I have Sony Acid 6.0 for a sound editing program, which I have mastered. But what i'm looking for from all of you, is a good tool to start off to get a good recording set-up around me.

Shure SM57. It's the industry standard for guitar microphones, and is applied well to vocals too. Probably other instruments to boot, but i can't remember. I'm considering picking one up...
Thing is, do I plug this into my computer, and record from there?

lol, as I said, I really have no clue how to start off doing this.
Well, i think you can plug it into a mini-studio/mixing desk type thing to record and then EQ it/record/mix straight from there. A lot of these things tend to have built in hard disks and flash memory drives these days so you can save the mixes and put them on a computer or whatever else may float your boat.

They all have a differing number of tracks on them so you can recrod and combine various inputs from mics onto the same track, so double tracking becomes a possibility as does recording drums or bass or vocals, etc and then putting them onto the same mix.

Boss do a wide range of good digital recorders in most price brackets, but they do get expensive.

My explanations are somewhat sketchy so i advise you check the websites of various companies and listen to those who know better than me. Tascam also do some good products.
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