hey, after seeing and playing a few Les pauls with bigsbys installed, i was thinking about getting one. the one problem , is that if i regret it, theres no turning back, unless i want to big ugly wholes on a 3000$ guitar.

just incase your confused, a bigsby is a tremolo piece that can be installed onto a guitar with a fixed brigde.
anyways, just wondering if anyone has done this to their guitar, or if you think its as good idea

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My advice is play them in shops for as long as possible. Then, if you think you want one, get a really cheap Paul. Slap on a Bigsby.

If you can live with it on a $100 guitar for say... A month, you're ready to take the plunge on a real Gibby LP, knowing you'll like it. Plus the Paul will play, feel and sound much better on top.

How could you possibly resist the sexiness?

MY advice to you:

Get a roller bridge as well to minimize tuning issues.

Also, get a made in USA bigsby, not a licensed one.

If you don't like the bigsby, just don't use it, and it'll still look amazing.
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Bigsby are great bridges. But don't expect to be able to divebomb and do extreme whammy work like you would with a Floyd. Bigsby aren't designed for that.

For best results:

1. Get a roller bridge so strings can gently roll over the saddles, rather then the wound strings catching on the saddle notches;

2. Get locking tuners. They will help keep the guitar in tune. On its own, a Bigsby will throw a guitar out of tune after being used a few times.

3. Although this isn't a necessity a brass nut helps a lot. It will allow the strings to glide better than graphite, and will never wear out.
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