Hey all, im in need of a new guitar...the guitar i currently own is an Epiphone les paul custom (alpine white) very nice guitar IMO but unfortantly...my dad dropped it and now theres a crack near the neck ='( its still playable i guess...but i dont want to take any chances and have decided to retire it...i LOVED that guitar with all my heart and now i need a new one...does anyone have any recomendations? something similar in tone and price? i must admit one factor in buying the les paul in the first place was for looks...i mean...its a damn fine guitar lol...rite now im considering a PRS standard SE...heard good things about it, gonna check it out, but anything else i should keep my eyes open for? i play punk/pop-rock mostly, alt-rock, indie, a wide range really except for metal (dont really have the shredding ability lol) so basically a nice well rounded versitle guitar would be nice, thnx in advance
Washburn Wi66 Pro

You can sometimes find them for as little as $600.00 new on E-bay, from reputable
dealers. Sometimes less for a slightly used one (got mine MINT, 1 year old for

I realize this one is a lefty, and almost $700, but I post it for sample purposes only. They
often have righty's of this model on E-bay, just not today.


This guitar should blow away the tone of those stock Epiphone pickups. If you
look at what you get for under $700, it's pretty sweet.

Some people really aren't crazy about the VCC (Voice Contour Control...incremental
coil splitter) system, and others like it. Depend on what you're used too, I guess.
I've only been playing a few years, so I'm not a good judge of it.
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...'til I realized I was just beating a
dead horse.
Just get another LP if you loved it so much.
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Reverend. Go to their site and check out some of the new set neck guitars. Absolutely great guitars.

Schecter is the bargain of electric guitars from a big maker. The C-1 lineup is tough to beat.
Check out ebay for Carvins, absolutely smoking deals for custom guitar that have bad resale value.
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if you loved that one so much you should get another one, but in a different finish
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Mark Morton of Lamb of God's signature Jackson is a good choice, he had it desighned so he could play other styles as well as metal... Jackson JS20 series is good one too (I own a dinky) Often their not that expensive. The Washburn N1 is another good cheap guitar (its like 250) the only thing you'd have to maybe do is get new pickups... But I'd look at some Jacksons and the Washburn